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Why Security Guard is Important in an Apartment?

Why Security Guard is Important in an Apartment?

Whether a person lives in a rented apartment or owns their own home, feeling safe at home is very important to them. You have a responsibility to provide a safe environment, particularly to tenants. You can ensure your peace of mind and security by hiring complex apartment security guards. These measures are a great way for you to protect your building as well as offer reassurance to your tenants.

There are many reasons why security guards are necessary. In addition to the security of businesses, schools, banks, and other important locations, armed guards protect people as well as apartments.

There would be more robberies if these individuals did not protect the money the entire time they are in the bank. They act as a deterrent to the robbers when money is brought into a bank. In contrast, guards will protect places from thieves who try to make off with them. Their role is to ensure that anything and everything is safe until the police arrive. As a result, they serve as the first line of defense in the fight against criminals. Businesses use security guards as well.

Why is apartment security important?

Maintaining unit security is also critical to keeping your inhabitants secure. Basic security features, such as locks, deadbolts, and well-sealed windows and doors, should be included in every property. This not only protects your tenants but also makes your flats less appealing to would-be criminals.

Moreover, you should secure each entrance and exit within the residential area. It is important to have gates installed to limit traffic flow into and out of the area, even with a guardhouse.

Residents and guests are checked to verify they are visitors. These measures may seem tedious, but they keep people with bad intentions out of the neighborhood.

FBI figures show that in the United States, the estimated rate of property crimes was 2,109 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Whether you live in an apartment, condo, trailer, or any other type of home, burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft are all possible.


Consequently, numerous property management companies have hired security guards to protect their properties. There are numerous advantages to using these services, some of which you may not be aware of. They aren’t just another blip on the radar when it comes to costs.

How is security maintained in an apartment?

Residential security involves much more than watching the front gate. Having a security guard at your residential property can have a favorable impact on the environment as well as improve the feel of security for your tenants.

Three of the most common favors are listed below.

1. Security guards prevent crimes from occurring in the first place

Hiring security guards to patrol your apartment complex is a good strategy to prevent crime from occurring. A study conducted at a university on the psychology and motivations of burglars found that 60% of offenders reevaluate their targets once they notice security cameras or other forms of surveillance.

During the same survey, 40% of thieves admitted that these security measures are sufficient to discourage them from stealing from the target and to find another less secure one. Criminals are looking for an easy target. A low-risk, high-reward scenario is optimal. This is why security guards can deter criminal activity just by being present.

When employing security guards, it’s crucial to remember that quality matters. First impressions do not appear good when you hire someone who looks like a mall cop waiting for his or her shift to end. A uniformed worker with the necessary training is critical for protecting your inhabitants from illegal activity. It is even more important if they drive patrol cars that resemble police cars.

2. A security guard is trained to react in the event of a threat

Although appearances are vital, they are not everything. Training is essential for a successful security service. You don’t want to recruit someone who will freak out at the first sight of difficulty. When your residents have a problem, high-quality security services can intervene. Stepping into emergency circumstances and responding fast to diffuse the situation is part of this.

From public squabbles and peeping toms to domestic violence and attempted break-ins, these events can occur. It is not the responsibility of the security officer to have the same authority as a police officer, but he or she must be able to control a crisis while contacting local authorities as needed. They should also be able to determine the ideal monitoring strategy for your apartment complex. Every property is different, with varied risk concerns and security requirements.

3. Safety and security services change the perception and value of a property


It’s more than financial investment to invest in the security of your apartment buildings or complex. The waves of change that occur when residential security guards are present are numerous. It is also one of the strategies to increase the value and profit of your residential home.

This valuation benefit provided by the apartment security can further be elaborated to:

Increase your renewal rates and profits

Criminals’ perceptions of your property can also be influenced by security guards, and this has an impact on how locals value your property. Paying a higher rent for a secure apartment or condominium is well worth it.

You have the option of increasing your monthly rental fees. You’ll discover that lease renewals become increasingly common when the level of your security matches the quality of your property. Tenants want a home that provides a comfortable sense of security. They are less likely to leave a home that feels secure.

– Improve the quality of your tenants

People who cause problems don’t like getting attention, so bringing security services into your neighborhood will discourage them from staying. The ruffians are less likely to stay and renew their leases. Also, when you improve your amenities and rent pricing, you improve tenant quality as well. Interested tenants will generally put a high value on a safe neighborhood and attractive amenities over a low rent.

What are the benefits of a security guard?

1. Dissuade criminals

Criminals usually target unguarded facilities to avoid detection, which is why they scope out their targets beforehand. Seeing a guard on duty regularly will deter them from trying to commit a crime and divert them to another location.

2. Provide security that isn’t predictable

Developing access control and video surveillance measures will certainly deter criminals from trespassing, but these automated systems can be fooled. For example, someone could find a blind spot on a camera or catch someone opening a door. A guard that walks autonomously and changes their path, on the other hand, will be far less predictable.

3. Give residents a sense of security

Security officers would be a familiar, comforting face for homeowners, making them feel safe at home knowing that someone is there if an emergency occurs. Apartment complexes are known for their friendly atmosphere where residents see the same people every day in common areas. In addition to recognizing locals, a guard will be alert to anyone who appears out of place.

How do you protect yourself in an apartment complex?

People who are close to others are typically concerned with security and safety. Whether you’re taking public transportation, strolling down a pathway, or even when you aren’t at home, you must always guard yourself, your loved ones, and your stuff. Many college students prefer living in apartment complexes over dorms since they do not want to share a bathroom with their roommates. However, safety and security must be guaranteed, especially if living with a new person.

1. Conduct a criminal investigation

2. Assess the apartment complex

3. Speak with residents in the area

4. Examine the windows

5. Think about your apartment’s security and safety


Are you clear now regarding why security guard is important in an apartment building? A security guard will increase the value of the apartments in a complex, boosting the chances of a positive cash flow. Better quality tenants will be drawn to a secure apartment, increasing its rental appeal. You can raise the monthly rent to cover the security costs as demand for your property grows.

Tenants are more inclined to renew their lease if they feel comfortable and secure in their current residence. Also, if security guards have excellent communication skills and experience handling tenant issues, any tenant complaints will be handled accurately. Finding dependable security guard services might be challenging, but it is significant.

For the people who live at your apartment complex, it should be a peaceful haven. It’s also crucial to maintain the security of your tenants’ units by keeping the area well-lit and providing 24/7 monitoring, in addition to the reasons mentioned above. A well-sealed window and a deadbolt should be standard security features in every apartment.



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