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Residential Security Guard Services in Southern California

Trusted Residential Security Guards in Southern California

With years of experience in the field, we know the importance of feeling safe in your home for your family’s overall health and happiness. Our residential security guard services in Los Angeles and California are dynamic, personalized to your needs, and created to keep our clients happy, safe, and well-protected

Whether you need protection from physical damage to yourself, your family, or your valuables, Ontyme offers professional security by employing our highly trained residential security guards. We have experience guarding both occupied and unoccupied homes against thieves, intruders, vandals, and other potential threats. Our security officers are dedicated to keeping you safe and secure, so you may rest assured that you and your assets will always be at the center of our operation.

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Hospital Security Guard

Hire Most Professional Residential Security Guards for your House in Los Angeles

Feel completely confident that you are getting the most outstanding protection in LA, thanks to our highly trained Residential Security Guards who are well experienced, and qualified home security team. Our residential guards undergo a thorough internal training program to prepare them for many security dangers at home. We will take care of your needs, whether you need 24-hour residential and estate security guards or a guard for a few hours. We provide complete peace of mind, so you know that there are expert operatives who will reach your home as and when required.

Residential Security Patrol

Can’t you go to bed at night without worrying about the security of your home? Our patrol service can help you get some rest in this situation. For homeowners, we provide bespoke patrolling plans as per their needs.

Our team plans custom security patrols to monitor your neighborhood following your requirements. Every part of the patrol service you need is entirely under your control. As a visual deterrent, we can set up routine patrols. When discretion is required, we may also set up covert patrols. Throughout the hectic day and into the night, we help you maintain the safety and security of your home.

Alarm response

You no longer have to worry about being interrupted when living at home. Thanks to our alarm response service, you can relax knowing that we are securing your site after hours. When an alarm goes off, we send trained security specialists to look into any security alarms. Our skilled response officers do a thorough alarm investigation before resetting it and securing the location. Every time we respond to an alarm call, we will send you a report with our findings and any actions we took on your behalf.


Standing Guards

From their appearance to their manner, our standing security’s authoritative presence is unquestionable. We provide certified, trained, and uniformed static security guards to protect residential areas. Our crime prevention experts will be stationed at the locations and watch for any unusual activity that could endanger the locals. Each security guard will inspect each checkpoint around the colony to ensure that routine patrols are conducted.

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Cost of Neighborhood Security Patrol

With Ontyme Security, you don’t have to worry about the costs. We provide affordable services yet providing the highest levels of protection!

No matter what neighborhood you live in, you join a small group of people. Because of the closeness of your residences, gatherings like picnics and tea parties turn into neighborhood activities. It is not surprising that every homeowner in Los Angeles and California now places a high priority on security.

Our security patrol services in your neighborhood can stop many illegal activities; besides apprehending criminals attempting to trespass, our patrols contribute to keeping you feeling protected—all this at the most affordable rates, with no hidden charges or extra costs.

Plaza Security

Private Security Guards for Your Specific Needs

Our skilled and knowledgeable security officers deliver unmatched private home security services, which include:

  • Vehicle and foot patrols of residential areas.
  • Acting as a deterrent to crime and antisocial behavior
  • Meeting and assisting both visitors and residents.
  • Responding immediately to any situation requiring security.
  • Implementing laws and regulations.
  • Securing the access and exits to the property.
  • Monitoring CCTV surveillance.

Areas we serve:

We serve whole Los Angeles city including but not limited to following areas and ZIP codes:


Lakewood, Lancaster, Lawndale, Lomita, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Lynwood, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Maywood, Monrovia, Montebello, Monterey Park, Norwalk, Palmdale, Palos Verdes Estates, Paramount, Pasadena, Pico Rivera

ZIP Codes:

90043, 90044, 90045, 90046, 90047, 90048, 90049, 90050 and more.

Hospital Security Guard

Counties and Cities we protect in California:

Customized Industry Solutions

Security Presence Wherever You Need Us To Be.

In Security Services Time, Quality and Dedication Matter Most.

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What Our Client Says

Musawer Haidari
Musawer Haidari
I would just like to salute you for how brave and attentively you actually protect us every single time. A huge thanks to Ontyme
Peter Chinnici
Peter Chinnici
We hired OnTyme Security Guard Company for security services for our logistics company. The service was excellent. Even if we required extra security last minute OnTyme was able to deliver. Their Operations Manager Naz was friendly and easy to work with as well. Overall an excellent security company.
Recruiting Team
Recruiting Team
Hi, we are happy to report and add this comment for Ontyme Security Company that has helped us at very last min calls/requests and yet they have been able to perform the needed service with extreme professionalism. They have cared more about the quality rather than the quantity and that makes them a very professional, unique company to utilize when it comes to your security needs. I give them 5***** for all the services provided to PLT and would always be recommending them to anyone around.
Elle Thornton
Elle Thornton
Highly recommend Ontyme Security! Everyone I've worked with there has been friendly and professional and very dependable. We've used them for multiple events and will continue to reach out to them in the future.
Mary Caballero
Mary Caballero
Overall we had a good experience with OnTyme Security. Nas was very professional and communicative. He communicated well regarding all that was happening at the property.
Mohammad Zahed Hashemi
Mohammad Zahed Hashemi
King LA
King LA
Ontyme Security is one of the best security companies in California all the guard are active efficient and competent. The supervisor are very cooperative and always available to guide their guard. The operational manager Mr. Nasir is a highly qualified member of this team. Who plays a very important role in keeping the morale of his team always up.
Kelly Murphy
Kelly Murphy
Ontyme Security saved us! We were out of town and our property was under attack in a terrifying residential nightmare. We called Ontyme Security and Nas answered immediately. He instantly recognized the seriousness of our situation and was at our property within an hour. From that moment on, his calm reassurance made us feel our property was safe and protected. Elena, the office manager, treated us with kindness and compassion, helping to make a stressful situation bearable. Either Nas or one of his very qualified associates was at our property 24/7. They had eyes on everything and kept us in the loop at all times. The professional, effective, and intelligent plan Nas coordinated resulted in a safe outcome for both persons and property. We thank Ontyme Security so very much and would highly recommend them for any security need.
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Benefit of hiring Residential security

Why Do You Need Residential Security?

A security guard enhances the immediate security of your surroundings. Your community will become more peaceful and livable. A security guard’s presence discourages criminal activity and may even entirely stop it.
Nothing is scarier than the idea of your house being broken into or your family being in danger. The psychological and financial effects of a crime can cause anxiety. Having security guarding your home makes you feel relieved.
Security stops the loss of goods and documents because of criminal incidents. Guards have received extensive training and are equipped with essential security equipment to enforce rules and regulations.
Security guards deal with any illegal behavior they encounter or observe before calling the local police department. They provide prompt emergency help and can handle any crisis as it occurs.

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