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Hospital Security Guard Services in Southern California

We Can Help You Keep Both Your Employees And Guests Safe

At OnTyme Security, there’s nothing more important than keeping our clients safe and secure while also providing them outstanding value and customer service. We do this for a wide variety of different businesses Hospitality included. It doesn’t matter if you’re a large hotel or a bed and breakfast. We can help you keep both your employees and guests safe for a value that will outdo the competition. With all manner of people coming and going, you can’t afford to take security lightly.

Ontyme Security

Reliable Hospitality Security Service

The guards we employ are the best in the business and that’s because we hand-select each of them to carry the OnTyme Security name to each and every one of our jobs. We also make sure that they all receive the best training available so that you can put on the best event possible. We know each of the steps that it takes to secure an event and we’ll work with you to make the safest and most fun event for your guests possible.

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We Have Experience Working With Hospitality Companies.

Hospitality is a unique business in that you have guests and customers staying for an extended period of time and they deserve to be safe while under your roof. You can help them stay safe by providing proper security to help protect them from criminals and trouble makers alike. There may also be situations where a guest may have to be removed for the safety of the staff, the building, and the employees. This is just one of the many things security can do for you and can help protect you against it.

We understand the unique needs that a hospitality establishment needs and the steady hand that has to be had with each and every guest. Our guards have the specialty training and often experience working with hospitality companies. We understand your needs and we can work hard to make sure that those needs are met. That way can help to ensure a safe and secure environment for you and your guests.

We can be sure that we’re the best because we only hire the best. We then give them the best training available so that they can carry on our name and provide you the best service. They’re the ones who you’ll be interacting with on a daily basis and providing you the services you need. It’s important that we only have the best working for us and by extension, working for you.

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Why Does Your Workplace Need Security?

The condition of your building and the items within are paramount to the success and wellbeing of any hospitality business. Guests can’t see any damage or vandalism because it creates a terrible first impression for your customers and it reflects badly on the business. With security present, it’s much more likely that they’ll be able to prevent these people from damaging the property. They are the best line of defense for protecting the property and keeping the other residents safe and sound while they’re staying at your business and enjoying their time.
Criminal activity can and does occur everywhere. Criminal activity on your hospitality ground though is something that should not be part of the normal activities as it makes guests very uncomfortable and reflects badly on your business. Security can help to deter these people from ever even arriving at your business. Most of the time criminals do not want to be caught or confronted and security is a threat to them. Security is about prevention and a big part of prevention is just making sure that people know that the business has security guards. It can also help to prevent your business from being targeted and canvassed by more discerning and methodical criminals.
Hospitality has a lot of traffic coming and going. Combine that with prolonged stays and you have a recipe for constant threats to the security of the building and other guests alike. Having a security team working can make sure that any security threats that do arise are handled immediately and in an efficient manner. These security threats can be anything from a broken lock to someone being where they aren’t supposed to be. Our security team is always on the lookout for problems or issues with the security of the business so that they can plug the hole. If you don’t have security then it’s likely that these issues won’t be discovered and that when they are discovered they won’t be addressed quickly.
All of your staff should feel safe while working for you and your hospitality business. This is a basic function of making a suitable working environment and employees who don’t feel safe are not going to be able to do work to the same level of quality as they might do otherwise. Hiring security can show your employees that you care about their safety and their wellbeing. It’s important that an owner cares about the people working for them and security can help you prove that as well providing you a necessary service to everyone else.
Your customers are the lifeblood that keeps your hospitality business going. You need them to have a positive experience and hiring security can help them do that and help them feel safe while they’re staying with you. They can also act as an arm of customer service. for instance, if a guest has a question or needs a bit of assistance a security guard is always a safe individual to ask. Our guards are trained in how to provide helping care to customers so long as it doesn’t interfere with their security duties.
Seconds matter when an emergency strikes and if you’re waiting for emergency services it can often be too late. Having security on site is the only way to guarantee an immediate response to a threat or other emergency. Security can help and in some cases solve the problem until emergency services arrive at the scene.
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As Your Protection Team We Have Put Our Client’s Safety And Security First

Our highly-trained security officers are responsible for protecting client sites covering multiple specialty sectors such as education, healthcare, retail, commercial real estate, government institutions, residential, public transportation, financial institutions and manufacturing & industrial.

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OnTyme security guard company is licensed by the state of California. We have field experience and a successful track record.

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We carry an insurance policy that pays up to $1 Million (3,000,000.00) per occurrence.

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Our Woodland Hills security guards professionally trained with state authorized firearms and essential training.

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Prevent break-in, thefts, arson, vandalism, workplace violence and other crimes round the clock.
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What Our Client Says

Musawer Haidari
Musawer Haidari
I would just like to salute you for how brave and attentively you actually protect us every single time. A huge thanks to Ontyme
Peter Chinnici
Peter Chinnici
We hired OnTyme Security Guard Company for security services for our logistics company. The service was excellent. Even if we required extra security last minute OnTyme was able to deliver. Their Operations Manager Naz was friendly and easy to work with as well. Overall an excellent security company.
Recruiting Team
Recruiting Team
Hi, we are happy to report and add this comment for Ontyme Security Company that has helped us at very last min calls/requests and yet they have been able to perform the needed service with extreme professionalism. They have cared more about the quality rather than the quantity and that makes them a very professional, unique company to utilize when it comes to your security needs. I give them 5***** for all the services provided to PLT and would always be recommending them to anyone around.
Elle Thornton
Elle Thornton
Highly recommend Ontyme Security! Everyone I've worked with there has been friendly and professional and very dependable. We've used them for multiple events and will continue to reach out to them in the future.
Mary Caballero
Mary Caballero
Overall we had a good experience with OnTyme Security. Nas was very professional and communicative. He communicated well regarding all that was happening at the property.
Mohammad Zahed Hashemi
Mohammad Zahed Hashemi
King LA
King LA
Ontyme Security is one of the best security companies in California all the guard are active efficient and competent. The supervisor are very cooperative and always available to guide their guard. The operational manager Mr. Nasir is a highly qualified member of this team. Who plays a very important role in keeping the morale of his team always up.
Kelly Murphy
Kelly Murphy
Ontyme Security saved us! We were out of town and our property was under attack in a terrifying residential nightmare. We called Ontyme Security and Nas answered immediately. He instantly recognized the seriousness of our situation and was at our property within an hour. From that moment on, his calm reassurance made us feel our property was safe and protected. Elena, the office manager, treated us with kindness and compassion, helping to make a stressful situation bearable. Either Nas or one of his very qualified associates was at our property 24/7. They had eyes on everything and kept us in the loop at all times. The professional, effective, and intelligent plan Nas coordinated resulted in a safe outcome for both persons and property. We thank Ontyme Security so very much and would highly recommend them for any security need.
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Security Service Questions

The answer to this can vary wildly depending on the place and the culture of the surrounding area. There’s no way to know for sure if armed guards will make people uncomfortable. Ultimately the choice will be up to you but we can help guide you through your decision so that you can make the right one for your security and for your business as a whole.
We can’t know the answer to that without first having gone over all of the unique requirements that your business has. Each business is unique and they have their own security needs that have to be met. They also have a unique budget that has to be adhered to. If you’re ever unsure about how much security is right for then give us a call. Our security experts can talk with you and find a solution that’s best for you for your business.
Often we recommend that you have a couple of unarmed guards. This might not be appropriate for your business though. each business is unique and has its own security needs. You may be in a location where an armed guard is a better option than an armed guard. Your budget may restrict the kinds of guards you can employ to meet your security needs. We can work with you in order to find the best solution for you.

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