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Industrial Security Guards for Hire Los Angeles, CA & Nearby

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Keeping Employees, Guests, Customers, And Products Safe

The goal of OnTyme Security is to provide you with the highest quality services in the industry. We want nothing short of watching your business thrive and providing top quality security so that your employees, guests, customers, and products are safe and secure at all times. Industrial security is vital for warehouses, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and everything in between. With all of the products coming and going from your warehouses and business you can’t risk a security breach or loss of product affecting your business and ultimately the safety of your crew and bottom line. We know this and it’s our goal to provide you with a variety of security services that can help your business stay safe and secure.


Reliable Industrial Security Service

The guards we employ are the best in the business and that’s because we hand-select each of them to carry the OnTyme Security name to each and every one of our jobs. We also make sure that they all receive the best training available so that you can put on the best event possible. We know each of the steps that it takes to secure an event and we’ll work with you to make the safest and most fun event for your guests possible.

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Our Guards Have Training That Makes Them Ideal To Work In Industrial Settings.

We understand that there’s always a balance that has to be struck between keeping the building safe and secure while also running efficiently. Our guards understand this and we work with you to make sure the safety of your workers and product don’t affect your ability to work efficiently. We also understand that you can’t afford to have security breaches, which is why we make sure that our teams practice prevention above all else rather than have them practice intervention.

All of our guards have received training that makes them ideal to work in industrial settings. Each of our guards has been hand-selected by our security experts so that you can rest easy knowing that you have the best people working towards making your business successful. We ensure that everyone we have working in your business understands the needs of your business so that you can thrive.

With OnTyme Security you can rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands. We want nothing more than to help you thrive and watch your business succeed. We do this by making sure that only the best guards in the business are staffed at your business and that they have the proper training and equipment to do the job correctly and efficiently. With On Tyme Security you can’t go wrong and you can stay safe.

Types of Guards

Guarding Services We Provide

Image of the armed Security Guard | Ontyme Security Inc.
Acts as a unique deterrent to violent individuals
Image of the unarmed Security guard on duty | Ontyme Security Inc.
Stop dangerous situations before they start
Image of the Mobile Patrol Security Car | Ontyme Security Inc.
Equipped to respond to problems quickly
Image of the fire | Firewatch Security| Ontyme Security Inc.
Specially trained to identify possible hazard areas

Why Does Your Site Need Security?

Protecting your property is a vital part of any security job and industrial security is no different. We don’t just protect your land and the building from criminals and vandalism but we also protect the product that you create or house. You don’t want your product to be damaged or tainted by disgruntled employees or unauthorized personnel. We understand that the product you create and house is the lifeblood of your business. We protect it in order to make sure your business thrives and is successful.
Prevention is the name of the game. Security is about nothing if not prevention. So that’s what we do, practice prevention and make sure our guards are trained in all types of prevention. They monitor security equipment so that we can prevent crimes from ever happening. Our guards can also discourage crime simply by making themselves apparent to the public and the employees who might otherwise engage are nefarious activities. Just having a security guard is often enough to discourage criminals who might want to vandalize or steal from your business. All of this is a part of prevention and is what On Tyme Security is committed to.
No matter how strong your security or how many safeguards you have there are always going to be threats to the security of the hospital, the employees, doctors, patients, and visitors. There’s no way to prevent this even with the best security. All you can do at this point is to provide the appropriate response as quickly as possible so that everyone can stay safe. This is what an onsite security team provides. These security issues that they solve can be anything from an unauthorized individual being where they shouldn’t be to a broken lock. Our Security teams can address these issues quickly and provide proper solutions.
The safety of the employees working for you is an important part of having a functioning workforce that can operate at maximum efficiency. The people coming to work should feel safe and they shouldn’t be afraid to work on your premises. Hiring guards can help improve their moral as it shows that you care about their security. Guards can protect them from not only outside forces but from internal security threats.
Not all warehouses or manufacturing will have direct contact with customers. Some will and security guards make for a great lightning rod where customers can go to ask basic questions and find basic help. Our guards are always happy to help so long as it doesn’t impede with their security duties. Even if the guards will never see a customer directly to interact with they can still help improve your customer service. They can provide customers using your service or storing product in your warehouses with a peace of mind that you might not otherwise be able to provide. Dedicated security is never a bad thing to have for any business.
Whenever you work in a warehouse or other type of industrial business you know that sometimes emergencies can happen and when they do you might not have the seconds necessary to wait for emergency response teams to arrive and handle the situation, security threat or otherwise. With a security team on-site the response can be immediate and they have the training to deal with most situations until emergency services can arrive. They’re also trained to give vital information to emergency services so that they can not only respond faster but provide an appropriate response.
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Image of the security guard | Shopping center security guard | Ontyme Security Inc.

As Your Protection Team We Have Put Our Client’s Safety And Security First

California State Licensed

OnTyme security guard company is licensed by the state of California. We have field experience and a successful track record.

Insured and Bonded

We carry an insurance policy that pays up to $1 Million (3,000,000.00) per occurrence.

Trained Security Guards

Our security guards professionally trained with state authorized firearms and essential training.

24/7 Security Service

Prevent break-in, thefts, arson, vandalism, workplace violence and other crimes round the clock.

Industries We Serve

Business Security Guard Services in Los Angeles, CA

Medical Building Security Guard | Ontyme Security Inc.
Medical Building Security

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Commerical Security

Residential Security | Ontyme Security Inc.
Residential Security

Hospitality Security| Ontyme Security
Hospitality Security

Industrial Security | Ontyme Security Inc.
Industrial Security

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Campus Security

Plaza Security

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“These guys are vigilant and hardworking. They keep an eye out. We are truly lucky to have them protect our premises.”
Louis Alonzo | Ontyme Security Inc

Louis Alonzo

Associate Attorney at Luma & Charles

“They are a good and friendly bunch of people who Are ready to serve. They help with whatever is needed and they will be glad to do it as well.”
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Liam Normandy

Regional Manager at Tide Corp

“Very professional and reliable security team. With them around our entire building feels safe and secure.”
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Jessica Haverheart

Dentist at Smile All The Time


Security Service Questions

We can often dismiss industrial buildings like warehouses or distribution plants as not needing security when that is simply not the case. Like almost any other industry where a product is being stored or created, security is vital. You can’t afford to have unauthorized persons in the building or theft occurring on your property and those are just a couple of things that well-trained security guards can help to prevent. There’s also the matter of stopping exterior vandalism and trespassing. Security is important and can’t be emphasized enough as to their necessity.
Each business is different from the last one. No template can easily show you what kind of security needs have to be met for each business. As such, there’s no way to answer this question without knowing your particular set of circumstances and the needs of your business. What we can do though is work with to help you better understand the security that your business needs. One of our security experts can help you decide what type of security best fits your needs and how much of it might be necessary to keep everyone safe. Give us a call and we can help.
Yes! Our guards are required to fill out and file accurate and concise reports on a schedule that’s decided on by you and our experts. These reports allow those who need to stay in the loop and help to address possible concerns and problems that may persist from shift to shift. They also help you understand what’s happening in your business and help you keep track of the security team working for your business. Reports are an important part of any security job and we ensure they’re done correctly and consistently.
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