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Event Security Guard Services for Hire in Southern California

Provide You And Your Guest With A Safe Event Environment

OnTyme Security is proud to provide top-tier, bespoke security services for a wide variety of events. Our skilled and highly-trained security guards are always ready and capable of guaranteeing safety at your function. Hosting an event can bring about multifaceted security concerns that demand our utmost attention, and that's precisely what we offer. We extend a comprehensive range of security services to ensure the safety of your guests, no matter the nature or scale of the event.

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Reliable, Professional, and Efficient Event Security Service

Our dedication to providing unparalleled event security services is reflected in the thorough process we adopt when selecting our security personnel. Every security guard representing OnTyme Security has undergone a comprehensive training program, preparing them to handle any security challenge they may encounter. As your security partner, we are committed to working closely with you to provide a safe, secure, and enjoyable atmosphere for your event attendees.

Expertise in Crowd Management for Convention Centers

At OnTyme Security, we offer premier Crowd Management Services. Our highly skilled security personnel are seasoned in ensuring a safe, secure, and fluid experience during convention center events.

Our team offers much more than basic security provision. They are efficient problem solvers, peacekeepers, and crowd management experts. Be it access control or swift emergency response, we provide custom solutions tailored to the specific needs of your event. Our intricate understanding of convention center layouts allows us to manage crowd flow efficiently, avoiding congestion and ensuring a smooth event.

Crowd Management for Convention Centers

Variety of Events Benefitting from Our Security Services

Our security guard services cater to a diverse range of events:

  1. Music Concerts and Festivals: Our team can control large crowds, secure perimeters, and prevent unauthorized access to the event.
  2. Sporting Events: We ensure safety and order for athletes, officials, and spectators at professional sports games and tournaments.
  3. Corporate and Private Events: Our security services are crucial during business conferences, trade shows, product launches, shareholder meetings, weddings, private parties, and more. We ensure guest safety, manage access control, and maintain an overall secure environment.
  4. Conventions and Expos: Our guards maintain order, protect exhibits, and manage access points at industry conventions, trade shows, and expos.
  5. VIP or Celebrity Events: We provide specialized security measures for events attended by VIPs or celebrities to ensure safety, privacy, and crowd control.
  6. Political Rallies and Public Demonstrations: Our security personnel ensure participant safety, manage crowd behavior, and prevent potential disruptions at public gatherings of political or social significance.
  7. Art and Museum Exhibitions: Our guards protect valuable collections, monitor visitor behavior, and prevent theft or vandalism in art galleries and museums.
  8. Charity and Fundraising Events: We manage cash handling and donations, ensure smooth event flow, and provide a safe environment for attendees at charitable events.
  9. Nightclubs and Bars: Our personnel maintain order, prevent altercations, and enforce venue policies at venues that serve alcohol and host late-night entertainment.
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Preparedness for Any Security Challenge

We acknowledge that each event poses unique security threats and challenges. To cater to this, we ensure our guards are well-prepared to handle any task required for the success of the event. This includes comprehensive security checks and crowd control measures for all attendees. We are also well-equipped to handle situations involving unruly or intoxicated guests who might pose a potential threat to themselves or others.

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Guarding Services We Provide

The Importance of Event Security

Why Does Your Event Need Security?

Hiring security guards for your event is crucial for the following reasons:

Protecting the venue and your property from potential damage is essential.
Events can be a hotbed for criminal activities as well as a hotbed for a run of the mill troublemaking types of behavior that are just generally disturbing to other guests. Having security present can be a big factor in determining the success of an event because these people either thought twice about breaking the rules or they removed by security. Having security checkpoints at entrances is an excellent way to discourage people from even trying to bring prohibited items inside the venue, such as weapons. Security really can make all of the difference at your event.
Security personnel can effectively manage large crowds, promoting a safer event environment.
The safety of the guest shouldn’t be the only thing you’re concerned about with regards to security. Any type of event will have employees trying to do their job so that the guests can have a good time. These can be vendors, custodians, and even talent for the event. Their safety should be just as important as the safety of the guests if not more so. Having security there can significantly cut down on the verbal abuse leveled at employees. Security can also step in and handle a situation that’s escalating to the point of potential violence. Your workers will be able to do better work more efficiently if they know that you value their safety.
Because of security checks, it’s likely that security will be among the first persons that your guests interact with when attending and event. This is why it’s important to hire a crew of professional and well-trained guards. The public is going to interact with your security teams and these teams need to be trained in various aspects of customer service so as to provide your guests with good experiences. Fortunately, this is exactly what the guards here at On Tyme Security have trained for. Our guards are ready to provide outstanding customer service to any and all of the guests that attend your event.
It’s more than likely that during an event there will be some kind of event that needs an emergency response of some kind or another. Not every event can have emergency services on hand but a security team can help. Without a security team present, you might have to wait for emergency services for up to 20 minutes. With a security team on-site the response can be immediate and they can render assistance until emergency services arrive if need be. The safety of your guests should be taken seriously and if your guests and employees aren’t getting an immediate response they are not as safe as they could be.
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Our Commitment to Your Safety and Security

Our team of state-licensed, insured, and bonded security guards is equipped to protect client sites across a multitude of sectors. With a successful track record and 24/7 availability, our security services strive to prevent break-ins, thefts, vandalism, and other potential crimes.

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California State Licensed

OnTyme security guard company is licensed by the state of California. We have field experience and a successful track record.

Insured & Bonded

We carry an insurance policy that pays up to $1 Million (3,000,000.00) per occurrence.

Trained Security Guards

Our Woodland Hills security guards professionally trained with state authorized firearms and essential training.

24/7 Security Guard Services

Prevent break-in, thefts, arson, vandalism, workplace violence and other crimes round the clock.
Customized Security Solutions For Your Events

Security Presence Wherever You Need Us To Be.

In Security Services Time, Quality and Dedication Matter Most.

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What Our Client Says

Musawer Haidari
Musawer Haidari
I would just like to salute you for how brave and attentively you actually protect us every single time. A huge thanks to Ontyme
Peter Chinnici
Peter Chinnici
We hired OnTyme Security Guard Company for security services for our logistics company. The service was excellent. Even if we required extra security last minute OnTyme was able to deliver. Their Operations Manager Naz was friendly and easy to work with as well. Overall an excellent security company.
Recruiting Team
Recruiting Team
Hi, we are happy to report and add this comment for Ontyme Security Company that has helped us at very last min calls/requests and yet they have been able to perform the needed service with extreme professionalism. They have cared more about the quality rather than the quantity and that makes them a very professional, unique company to utilize when it comes to your security needs. I give them 5***** for all the services provided to PLT and would always be recommending them to anyone around.
Elle Thornton
Elle Thornton
Highly recommend Ontyme Security! Everyone I've worked with there has been friendly and professional and very dependable. We've used them for multiple events and will continue to reach out to them in the future.
Mary Caballero
Mary Caballero
Overall we had a good experience with OnTyme Security. Nas was very professional and communicative. He communicated well regarding all that was happening at the property.
Mohammad Zahed Hashemi
Mohammad Zahed Hashemi
King LA
King LA
Ontyme Security is one of the best security companies in California all the guard are active efficient and competent. The supervisor are very cooperative and always available to guide their guard. The operational manager Mr. Nasir is a highly qualified member of this team. Who plays a very important role in keeping the morale of his team always up.
Kelly Murphy
Kelly Murphy
Ontyme Security saved us! We were out of town and our property was under attack in a terrifying residential nightmare. We called Ontyme Security and Nas answered immediately. He instantly recognized the seriousness of our situation and was at our property within an hour. From that moment on, his calm reassurance made us feel our property was safe and protected. Elena, the office manager, treated us with kindness and compassion, helping to make a stressful situation bearable. Either Nas or one of his very qualified associates was at our property 24/7. They had eyes on everything and kept us in the loop at all times. The professional, effective, and intelligent plan Nas coordinated resulted in a safe outcome for both persons and property. We thank Ontyme Security so very much and would highly recommend them for any security need.
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Choosing the Right Security for Your Event

Security Service Questions

The answer to this question varies. Sometimes the owner of the venue will provide security for the event so that you don’t have to worry about it. This is especially true for large venues like concert halls and arenas. Just because that’s normal doesn’t mean it’ll be that way in your case. If you’re unsure if your event will have security provided by the venue then you need to ask the venue if security is provided. If security is not provided to you by the venue owner, then you should get security from On Tyme Security.
Our guards are trained to help direct traffic flow so that everyone can find a place to park. Directing traffic may become essential given the size of the event. It’s important that traffic flow a certain way to make it easier for everyone and to avoid jams. Our guards understand this and some of them have specialty training in how to direct traffic appropriately. If you believe that traffic will be something that you have to account for and control then it’s important to let us know so that we can talk to you about the security options that would best suit your needs for the event.
There’s no way to be sure exactly what you need for your event. There are a lot of circumstances that can change the type of security that you need like the venue, amount of guests, traffic concerns, etc. The good news is that you can call us and talk to one of our security experts so that you can have someone give you a detailed description of what you might need as well as an expert opinion.

Any Question?

Every event is unique and may require different security measures. Our security experts are available to discuss and assess your needs, ensuring that you receive the most appropriate security services for your event. Whether it's securing the venue, managing traffic flow, or understanding the specific security needs of your event, OnTyme Security has got you covered.
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