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Image of the Guard Talking on Phone | Standing Security Guard | Ontyme Security Inc. Image of the Guard Talking on Phone | Standing Security Guard | Ontyme Security Inc.

Our Services

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Image of the Security Guard on Duty | Building Security Guard| Ontyme Security Inc.
Our Services

We offer the best security guard services

We proudly serve commercial and residential Communities in Southern California. Whether you need an armed security guard, unarmed security guard or mobile patrol we have a custom security solution that best fits your unique needs. All of our guards are trained and licensed and ready to serve you. Call us today for a custom security service quote.

Ontyme Security
Commercial Security

Provide you and your customers with a safe working environment for all kinds of shopping, selling and other commercial activities.

Image of the Family | Residential Security | Ontyme Security Inc.
Residential Security

Residential security can monitor the area and make sure that there’s no suspicious activity happening on the property.

Hospitality Security| Ontyme Security
Hospitality Security

It doesn’t matter if you’re a large hotel or a bed and breakfast. We can help you keep both your employees and guests.

Medical Building Security Guard | Ontyme Security Inc.
Medical Building Security

To make a safe environment for both guests and employees of your hospital or medical building.

Image of the industry | Ontyme Security Inc.
Industrial Security

Industrial security is vital for warehouses, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and everything in between.

Campus Security | Ontyme Security
Campus Security

Campus security guards promote lawful behavior and protect the welfare of students, faculty, and staff as a uniformed presence on campus.

Image of the Event| Event Security Guard | Ontyme Security Inc.
Event Security

When you’re throwing an event or hosting an event security becomes more important than ever before.


Ready To Hire Security Guards For Your Business?

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