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Plaza Security Guards for Hire in Los Angeles, CA & Nearby

OnTyme Security > Plaza Security Guards for Hire in Los Angeles, CA & Nearby

A professional security guard service like Ontyme can handle the specific security challenges that shopping centers are subject to. Retailers are frequently targeted by thieves because they are able to take valuable products for use or resale. Therefore, they are more willing to commit crimes to accomplish their purposes.

We prevent thieves from entering your property and keep an eye open for anyone acting suspiciously. In addition to preventing crime, our plaza security guards provide a sense of security for people doing business on your premises. We serve Los Angeles County and all nearby areas in California.

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Retail center and plaza security guards service

Theft and vandalism, as well as other significant and little expenses, can make the difference between mall tenants keeping the doors open. Our plaza security guards specialize in providing solutions that help to create a welcoming environment, support tenants, and, most importantly, reduce security threats.

Preventing theft and property damage is the most crucial aspect of security, and the best way to do so is to start with a secure environment. These issues directly impact your customers’ experiences and your bottom line, so they should be dealt with in less intrusive ways.

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We offer a wide variety of armed security guard services in Los Angeles county so that no matter what your unique needs for security entail, we’ll be able to meet them.

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Why need armed security in shopping malls?

People feel comfortable when they are escorted by security officers.

It is evident that a shopping center owner is concerned about keeping their tenants and customers safe when uniformed security officers are patrolling the area. The presence of a security officer gives employees and customers a sense of security.

Criminals are deterred from acting out by security guards.

Would-be thieves are deterred from committing a crime by plaza security since they know that if one is present, they won’t get away with it. Imagine the surprise of a crook arriving at your shopping center to find professional, uniformed guards posted throughout the area.

Customer service is provided by security guards.

Guards are prominently displayed at building entrances, as well as at the security desk at your retail store or property. They are also stationed at parking lots, as well as at the security desk. As a rule, when a customer or employee needs assistance, the guards will be the first to respond.

When a security crisis emerges, security guards react.

Plaza security guards have extensive training to ensure that they have the know-how and confidence to deal with a variety of emergencies and crises on your premises. In addition to their years of experience, they also receive extensive training to ensure that they know exactly what to do in a variety of situations.

“These guys are vigilant and hardworking. They keep an eye out. We are truly lucky to have them protect our premises.”
Louis Alonzo | Ontyme Security Inc

Louis Alonzo

Associate Attorney at Luma & Charles

“They are a good and friendly bunch of people who Are ready to serve. They help with whatever is needed and they will be glad to do it as well.”
Image Of Liam Normandy Client | Ontyme Security Inc.

Liam Normandy

Regional Manager at Tide Corp

“Very professional and reliable security team. With them around our entire building feels safe and secure.”
Jessica Haverheart Ontyme Security client

Jessica Haverheart

Dentist at Smile All The Time

Responsibilities of a Mall Security Guard

  • In the absence of suspicious conduct or security breaches, patrolling the premises and monitor for unusual activity.
  • In the face of alarms, remaining calm and bringing those in danger to the safety or arresting the perpetrators.
  • Assisting victims if they call for assistance, and, if necessary, alerting the fire department or legal authorities.
  • Lending a helping hand in an emergency to ensure that no one or anything is injured.
  • Removing and detaining any person who is responsible for a disturbance or a threat to public safety.
  • Working undercover when needed no uniform as well as wearing security uniforms if necessary.
  • Following orders and working together to keep employees and customers safe.
  • Making recommendations for increased security based on the results of daily reports.
  • Maintaining professionalism and integrity in all that they do.

Armed Security Guard Services | Ontyme Security Inc.

How can we help?

In shopping malls and other retail locations, it is essential to have well-crafted security policies that manage all security concerns. Security systems, surveillance cameras, patrols by security teams, qualified plaza security guarding and other appropriate measures should all be implemented flawlessly.

Our security experts work with you to develop and implement the best security strategy for your shopping mall. Here, we understand that shopping mall security requirements differ, which means that each facility has its exclusive and exceptional security strategy to facilitate you with the best only.

Security Guard On Duty | Ontyme Security Guard Company

Why choose us?

We offer security patrols and guards at several establishments around the country to keep schools and streets safe. We’ve devised a system to ensure that our security specialists remain accountable to their clients and maintain excellent levels of customer satisfaction. The security operation manager, security consultant, account executive, field supervisor, and an outstanding human resource division are what make up our teams that make sure our customers receive first-class plaza guard services in not only Los Angeles but also beyond that.

Armed Security Guard | Ontyme Security Inc.

Security Service FAQ

A mall security officer is probably the first person you’ve ever seen in action if there’s an emergency. On the other hand, security officers are an important aspect of a mall’s operation.
Store security guards ensure the safety of customers and employees in retail establishments while also preventing theft.
For private and public corporations and individuals, there are three main types of security personnel, including government, in-house, and contract security. Within those three basic categories, there are still more options, including armed and unarmed security, plainclothes or uniformed, and on-site as well as remote security.
Criminals are deterred from acting out by plaza security guards. A robber might show up at your shopping center to plunder your retail establishments. Business owners may rest easy knowing that a highly trained guard is on the premises to ensure theft is reduced to a minimum or eradicated completely.
Security does more than just respond to emergencies. They do a lot to help your business thrive despite the outside world causing problems and damaging the property. They are a proactive solution rather than a reactive solution to the problems that plague many businesses in Los Angeles County. Despite the fast response time of the police and other emergency services, you’re going to want something faster in the case of an emergency. There’s nothing faster than the immediate response of a security team that’s already on site.
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Hire us now!

Ontyme in retail settings are not only responsible for maintaining security, but also have direct contact with customers all day. We take care of your customers and company by providing support and being vigilant in responding to complaints. In addition, we can provide safe transportation for your important employees to their vehicles or taxicabs. Composure and a focus back on the task at hand are all advantages of having our flexible security program in place. Our experts are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the retail security packages we offer.

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Ready To Hire Security Guards For Your Business?

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