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Discover What Are The 3 Types Of Guards?

Discover What Are The 3 Types Of Guards?

When protecting yourself and your property, having the right security guard can make a difference. Whether you're an individual, business owner, or working in the public or private sector, having the best guard services on your side provides a sense of comfort – ensuring that all necessary precautions are taken against intruders and criminals.

How will you learn the type of guards that will best secure sensitive areas? With so many possibilities out there, we've broken down 3 basic kinds of guards that will help you protect what matters most.

From retail security guards to private investigators, each plays a vital role in securing our personal and collective safety- let's look at them now!

What are the 3 types of guards?

Security guards are an integral part of our society. From protecting people to deterring criminals, they are key in maintaining order and safety within organizations. Security guards come in all shapes and sizes and are typically categorized into three primary types:

·         Private security guards

·         Public security officers

·         Armed security Gurds

Each type has specific duties and responsibilities that they must adhere to, and understanding the different types is essential for anyone considering a career in this field.

Private security guards –

Private security guards must be registered with the state where they are employed and may have to pass a criminal background check. Companies or organizations hire them to protect their property from theft or damage. You will see them patrol an area during certain hours, respond to incidents, check the identification of visitors, maintain order at events, and perform other tasks as directed by their employer.

Public security officers –

Federal, state, or local governments employ Public Security Officers (PSOs) to protect public property, enforce laws, assist needy citizens, and respond to emergencies. They may monitor security cameras, patrol public areas or guard prisoners in a correctional facility.

PSOs must have at least two years of college education and take an extensive psychological evaluation before being hired.

Armed security personnel –

Armed Security Personnel are employed by organizations that need protection from threats or violence. Armed security personnel are trained to use firearms and may be called upon to protect a place of business or a person.

They must have special certifications, such as a firearms license, to carry guns on the job. Equipped security personnel must always follow strict safety protocols and must regularly train and practice with their weapons.


No matter what type of security guard you consider, it is essential to understand the duties and responsibilities of each position. All guards must adhere to laws while on duty, maintain a professional image, be vigilant, and carry out their responsibilities following the law. Understanding the different types of security guards can help ensure you choose the right position for you and your career.

However, researching the different types of security guards and their duties will help you make the best decision for your career. With the right understanding and apprenticeship, you can become essential to ensuring that we all stay safe.

The world of business security has never been more important or varied than it is today. Understanding the different types of guards may help you secure your company effectively against threats.

There are three primary varieties of guards; the static guard, mobile patrol guard, and surveillance guard. They have better strengths and drawbacks that should be evaluated before deciding which type of guard is best for your business.

Using a combination of these guards is often beneficial to fully cover all areas of your property or place of protection. By designing the most effective security plan, you can ensure your business remains safe and secure from potential dangers.However, if you need support, don't hesitate to get in touch with Ontyme Security for more assistance by discussing your security requirement.



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