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Fire Watch Security Guard Service – Log Angeles, CA & Nearby

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Specially Trained To Identify Possible Hazard Areas

Firewatch can help out anywhere but they’re predominantly used for spaces where construction or renovation is taking place and the presence of tools and construction equipment creates an increased risk for fire. This is far from the only type of site they work with. Sometimes if there are repeated malfunctions in fire detection systems a city might require a building or business to hire a firewatch security guard to be a watchful eye and detect fires by hand. Often firewatch is assigned until the problem is solved. Depending on your location it could be quite beneficial to have a fire expert on hand to help with prevention. Firewatch is a niche in security but it’s one whose importance can not be overstated.

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Prevent Fire Risks

Firewatch security is a necessity that many people still go without. Firewatch security is a guard that’s specially trained to identify possible hazard areas where a fire might be more likely and monitor them so that if a fire starts they can quickly either call emergency services or put out the fire themselves. Firewatch goes above and beyond the standard security requirements in making sure that you stay safe and that there’s no increased or unnecessary fire risk to you and your building or property.

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Firewatch Service In Los Angeles County

OnTyme Security is here to make sure you get the best guards for every service we provide. That includes our firewatch security. There are few jobs in security more important than firewatch as a fire is not only damaging to the surrounding area but can put countless people at risk if it’s not properly controlled or stopped. Firewatch is here to help prevent fires and monitor possible problem areas on your property.

At OnTyme Security we have made it our goal to provide the best service at competitive prices. Your safety and satisfaction are our number one priority and that all starts with the service that our guards provide you. All of our guards are hand-selected and we can be sure that they’re the best in the business. We train each of our guards to the highest degree of quality and instill them with the drive for constant improvement found in every member of our expert team. We believe that the only way to stay ahead is strive towards improvement while also committing to providing outstanding customer service. All of this is how we can be sure that we’re providing you with the best service and guards in the business.


Prevent Fires And Monitor Possible Risk Areas

Inspect Premises

Firewatch like other types of security has to patrol the premises to ensure that the area is secure and that no new threats to security have taken form. Firewatch is this especially true as new problem areas can arise for any number of reasons. Should a problem area make itself known then a firewatch guard will either solve the issue or monitor the situation so that everyone can stay safe and secure.

Surveillance Check

An essential aspect of monitoring any location is ensuring that the monitoring equipment works and using that monitoring equipment to watch more of the premises in less time. There are also routine maintenance procedures that must be taken care of to keep everyone safe. Part of the surveillance check is performing this maintenance.

Building Check

Different parts of the building and property will be susceptible to different types of fire risk and it’s the job of firewatch security to assess these risks. During these inspections, they’ll also make sure that there are no points where risk is being taken unnecessarily. If there are then it’s the job of firewatch security to either fix the issue, report it, or monitor the area so that if a problem arises it can be dealt with quickly before it can cause any damage.

Preventive Tasks

Fire is not something you wait for and expect to happen. Prevention is the only way to keep everyone safe and our firewatch security guards are prevention experts. Our guards are trained with the best prevention methods and techniques so that they can keep your business safe and stop harm from ever coming to it.

Emergency Response

In an emergency, especially when a fire is involved every second counts. You need a quick and decisive response to minimize the damage from a fire. Firewatch security can handle a small situation with an immediate response. Should the fire spread beyond what a firewatch guard can handle they can contact emergency services quickly with all of the proper information for a fast and appropriate response.


Safety And Security

The safety of you, and your business is always the number one concern for any security guard and that’s especially true for firewatch security. It’s vital for firewatch that you’re safe from fires and that they monitor possible problem areas where fires could possibly start. You shouldn’t have to worry about fires in your business and with firewatch security, you won’t have to worry anymore

Firewatch Security Services | Ontyme Security Inc.


At OnTyme Security we understand that budgets can be tight and sometimes it can be hard to find the extra cash in the payroll for a firewatch security guard. That’s why we have made our options budget-friendly. That way you can get as much value as possible out of our guards so that you can stay safe and secure.

Fire watch Security | Ontyme Security

Deterrence Of Crime

Arson is a very real thing and trespasser can cause trouble that might lead to fires. Firewatch security does more than just watch for fires. They also deter crime just being present and they make sure people aren’t putting the property at unnecessary risk of fire. by patrolling and checking various locations every 15 minutes (depending on the need) they ensure that criminal or nefarious activities are not taking place.

Firefighter Controlling Fire | Ontyme Security Inc.

Specialized Training For Unique Situations

You can always get a security guard and if there’s a fire they’ll do what they can to put it out and call emergency services. You get a firewatch guard for the extra training and the specialty that they provide. They have been trained on how to deal with fires and how to prevent them. This training and experience makes them ideal for stopping and preventing fires so that you can stay secure.

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Firewatch Service FAQ

Firewatch security guards are a specialty branch of security guards that have been specially trained to deal with fires and are tasked with the prevention of fires throughout the property they’ve been assigned to protect. A traditional security guard may have a passing knowledge about how to stop fires and the steps to prevent them but nothing like the specialty knowledge that comes when a security guard is trained for firewatch. If you need firewatch security it’s always best to get firewatch security and not a traditional security guard to handle firewatch duties.
Like all of the guards on our team, detailed record keeping is a requirement. Should there be a situation when a hazard makes itself known and the problem can’t be solved during the shift then the firewatch guard will make and file a report detailing the hazard so that anyone who might need to know about the hazard can be made away of it. Our guards take pride in the quality and accuracy of their reports because a good report helps to keep everyone safe and secure.
Firewatch is rarely a permanent position. They are often brought in while fire systems are undergoing prolonged maintenance, or they’re malfunctioning repeatedly. They’ve also brought in when a building or property is undergoing some form of renovation or construction due to the increased risk for fire the catch in a construction zone. Often these positions are filled when they’re needed and then the guards will be moved to other locations that need firewatch security. You may have a need for permanent firewatch but it’s uncommon.
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